Classes that run on Sundays, do so throughout the summer, to give some routine for our ASD students. Our teacher has completed the Lámh Module One Course and holds an Advanced Diploma in Autism Awareness.

These classes are held in our Mount Oval Studio, Rochestown and are for children, verbal and non-verbal.

All classes run for an 12-week term.
Places are very limited, so booking is advisable!

ASD classes are where our students can feel safe and explore the world around them, through sensory and role play.

The skills developed in our ASD drama classes closely correspond with three of the main impairments seen in autism: social interaction, communication and flexibility of imagination.



Our classes have a different theme each week. There will be plenty of visual and vocal communication, puppets, improvisation, role play, vocal exercises, sensory play to include our eight senses and most of all, we guarantee learning through fun. 


​These classes are for Acting to Camera. They involve learning the techniques of film making. Both in front of the camera and behind it.  We use a Canon camera, Go Pro, green screen and Final Cut Pro for editing. Great fun and the students love seeing themselves on our own big screen  in our studio.


Pre-school is part of the golden window of opportunity for working with children on the autism spectrum. During the early childhood years, kids are growing and developing at an amazing rate, and this is the ideal time to help your child learn to connect with others, regulate his or her senses, improve communication, and practice many other skills through sensory play and music.


More and more parents and teachers  are starting to realise the remarkable connection between music and autism. Research has shown that when autistic children interact with music on a regular basis, their communication and behaviour improve.

I can safely say to parents that there are musical abilities in a lot of children on the spectrum. It won’t take much work to unearth it, but it will take a lot of work to develop it.



These classes run for children aged 12 - 16. We practice our conversational skills in different scenarios through improvisation and role play, for example, going into a restaurant and ordering a menu.

The term is a 12- week course with an hour long class.