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Even the shyest soar in our younger classes!
Got a little one with a big personality who loves to be the centre of attention? Or a shy but precocious child whom you just know would blossom in an environment of supportive friends and teachers?

Drama and theatre classes for children and teenagers can be a fun, structured activity for those ready to build skills in public speaking through dramatic play.

Dramarama is especially fantastic for those kids who may have an interest in acting, but tend to be more on the shy side.

Ann Marie says, “A lot of parents enrol their kids in class to help with shyness, and the game-based teaching model is the key to helping them ease into performance. We never force kids to participate, so sometimes they will watch for a few games until it looks like so much fun that they join the circle.

​"Once they engage in the games, they forget to be shy and are soon laughing and speaking up, creating imaginary monsters and making up stories along with the other kids. We find role-playing games are especially effective for kids who feel uncomfortable. If they can be a space man or a super hero or a lion, then they don’t feel shy about interacting with their classmates."

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