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All students are represented by our Agency. If you would prefer NOT to be represented, it is important that you inform the Artistic Director/Agent at registration. If you have any queries on becoming an Agency member, please do not hesitate in contacting the Artistic Director/Agent at:

Mobile Number: 087 975 5764



This agreement is made between the Artistic Director/Agent of Dramarama & Lewis Talent Agency, Mount Oval, Rochestown, Co Cork (hereinafter called “The Agent”) of the one part and YOU, THE STUDENT/CLIENT (hereinafter called “The Artist”), of the other part. It is valid from SEPTEMBER 1, 2023 to AUGUST 31, 2024. Ann Marie Lewis of Dramarama and Lewis Talent Agency is the respective Artist’s sole agent from the date of enrolment/registration with our School and/or Agency.

It is agreed between the parties as follows:


a) Depending on the casting brief, The Agent will send the Artist for work that the Agent (and the Artist’s teacher(s) feels the Artist is most suitable for. This however does not mean that the Artist is guaranteed an audition or will definitely secure a job whilst being a member of Dramarama / Lewis Talent Agency.


b) For any student under the age of 16, a chaperone will be required to accompany the Artist when a job has been secured. It is usually a parent or responsible relation of the Artist that accompanies the Artist to the work location.


c) The Artist must pay UP TO 20% commission of overall fee to the Agent on all work appointed to him/her by Dramarama / Lewis Talent Agency. The Agent is responsible for negotiating the fees due to the Artist on his/her behalf in the areas of Television, Radio, Theatre, Stage Shows, Film, Commercials, Modelling, Voice Overs, Photoshoots etc


d) When filling in Registration forms at auditions, always, without exception include the Agent’s name & phone number: Ann Marie Lewis from Dramarama / Lewis Talent Agency 087 975 5764.


e) The Artist must not change their appearance in any way prior to or after going for an audition as it can go against the Artist for a recall or for even winning the part.


f) After commission has been taken, The Artist will be paid by cheque from Dramarama / Lewis Talent Agency. This money should be put in a savings account for the Artist alone. If money is paid directly to the Artist through direct debit or by cheque, it is understood that the Artist will pay the agreed commission promptly to the Agent as per contract.


g) After the termination of this contract, any jobs or contracts that the Artist has secured through the Agent shall remain the responsibility of the Agent. Any fees or residuals arising out of work gained whilst under contract will still be dealt with by the Agent; the relevant commission will also be taken. No other agent, stage school, teacher or outside person may take authority over engagements secured to the Artist by Ann Marie Lewis or Dramarama / Lewis Talent Agency.


h) The Artist must attend punctually all engagements at the required place at the exact time as notified.


i) The Artist must play in all scheduled rehearsals during the continuance of the engagement as required by the Agent and must also undertake to know the repertoire given.


j) The Artist must not perform in public any of the repertoire. The Artist must conform strictly to the rules and carry out the instructions of the Agent with regard to the Agency.


k) The Artist must be responsible for safe keeping and privacy of all scripts, music etc. provided, inclusive of backing tracks, sheet music and all costume, make up etc.


l) The Artist must not make any public announcement relating to the engagement either directly or through any Press Agent or Social Networking Site eg. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc, without prior permission from the Agent.


m) The Artist must accept that the Agent reserves the right to use images from, and part recordings of, the productions, rehearsals, classes etc. in which he/she participates for specific or general promotional purposes for future projects/productions/festivals/ website etc.


n) The Agent is your sole agent with regard to ANY engagement and if you are contacted by an outside source for casting or for work, you MUST inform the Agent.


o) The Artist must be aware that payment may take up to 20 weeks (even longer in some cases) to be processed from the employment source.


p) The Artist’s tax affairs are his/her own responsibility. Many jobs are emergency taxed. It is the sole responsibility of the Artist to claim any refunds due, and/or to sort overpayments with the tax office him/herself.


q) The Artist must supply the Agency with a clear and natural HEADSHOT of him/herself.


r) The Artist must inform the Agent of the exact hours worked. This is essential due to Extra Rehearsal and/or Overtime Finances that may be due to the Artist. When the correct amount of hours has been given to the Agent, Dramarama / Lewis Talent Agency will then invoice the Employment Source. Under 16s must also give all details of hours worked for the Dept of Trade and Employment Child Licence regulations.


s) Should the Artist or his/her parents/guardians be contacted directly by any Employment Source, it is essential that the Agent is informed immediately of this contact.

t) The Artist must accept that the Agent reserves the right to possess and share relevant, personal information  (age/ height/ date of birth etc.) with third parties such as a casting agent in the event it is required for a role/job. 

The Artistic Director/ Agent shall be entitled:


  1. To cancel this agreement partly or wholly should the Artist break any of its terms; or in the event that the Artist does not sufficiently know or is not performing his/her role in the Agency adequately; or in any other outside circumstance beyond the Agent’s control.

  2. To determine without consultation with the Artist, the inclusion and/or the position of the Artists name, the size and the nature of the type on all bills and advertisements, and its position in programmes and/or any other material.

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